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Westwood Enrichment Center
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Regular Day Schedule


Early Birds:  7:45 am to 11:05 am

Late Birds: 9:30 am to 12:50 pm

Grades 1 to 5

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

7:45 am to 2:20 pm


7:45 am to 1:00 pm





All absences must be reported to the school within 72 hours.

You can report this absence in any of the following ways:

  • Send email to suttonk@mdusd.org
  • Call (925) 682-8000, extension 7060
  • Send a note to your teacher and/or the office

Attendance Update

Attendance is critical to student success. One day out is equivalent to approximately 2 days of lost instruction. Keep your children at home if they are truly ill, otherwise, please make your best effort to get your children to school on time, every day! Start good habits early!

What's New?!



What is it?

The Parent Zone is a designated waiting area in the courtyard at the front of the campus. At 7:40, gates will be opened, and students will walk directly from the waiting area to their classrooms. Each hallway is designated for access to certain classrooms. Teachers will be waiting for the students in the doorways. At dismissal, students will exit through the same gates through which they entered, with the exception of students attending Dianne Adair, who will exit through the playground. Our teachers will escort their students to the gate at dismissal.  Starting the 2nd day of school, parents/family members are expected to remain in the waiting area, however, older Westwood students may escort younger siblings to/from their classrooms. After the 7:45 bell, students are considered ‘tardy’, and must report to the office, prior to proceeding to their classrooms.

Why do we have a new procedure?

Student safety is our number one priority! Limiting the number of individuals in the hallways allows us to more effectively monitor who is coming/going on our campus, decreases congestion so students and staff can move about safely without obstruction, and minimizes disruptions to the learning environment. All visitors and volunteers are expected to check in/out at the office. This will allow us to better monitor ‘traffic’ in our hallways, and easily identify individuals who should or should not be on campus. This process also allows us to quickly identify people who are at the school in the case of an emergency/disaster.

What if I need to speak with my child’s teacher?

We value effective communication between parents and staff. While students are in the teacher’s care, s/he should be free from distractions that pull attention away from supervision and instruction. Also, teachers prefer to be able to give you their full attention. We ask for your cooperation in communicating with your child’s teacher through email, by phone/voicemail, by scheduling a meeting/phone conference, sending a note with your child, or by leaving a message in the office. You can expect a response from teachers within 24 hours. If the need is more urgent, please check in at the office so we can assist you in connecting with the teacher.

Be Safe,  Be Respectful,  Be Responsible


What You Say


Any day can be a nice day

Depending on what you say

Or it can be a pain

But that goes for anyday

Say something nice

Say something mean

It can change the way

Someone thinks

About you, about themselves

Or about someone else

Say something nice

Say something right

And also...

Be an ally!


by Faith Cazares Gamboa (4th Grade, E2)

Principal's Message

Looking Ahead to 2016-2017…


  • A fond farewell to Mr. Nielsen, Ms. Kathy Schleyer and Ms. Cheryl Smith! We wish them all the best in their adventures in retirement!
  • Mrs. Ware (2nd Grade), Ms. Summers (2/3 DHH), and Mrs. Carney (4/5 DHH), and a few assistants - Ms. Anita (A4), Ms. Groos (A4), and Ms. Janelle (D5),  will be leaving us for new opportunities. We extend our gratitude for their service to our students, and wish them well in their future endeavors!
  • Mrs. Kelly Starick will be returning to 3rd Grade in C2.
  • Ms. Megan Busker will be joining us in 1st Grade in A2. Ms. Busker is an experienced 1st grade teacher, who has worked with Mrs. Tong in the past. They are excited to be joining forces again.
  • Ms. Melinda (Lee) Reade will be rejoining our staff as the 2/3 DHH teacher.

Change in Bell Schedule: In an effort to increase the flexibility in our schedule for intervention/enrichment opportunities, and to provide a bell schedule more in line with the rest of the school district, we have decided to make minor adjustments to our bell schedule. Please note the new end times (Note: There are no changes to the Kindergarten bell schedule):

                              Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 7:45am-2:20pm  / Wednesdays – 7:45am-1:00pm


School Site Council – Parent/community representatives are still needed. The SSC meets for about an hour each month to review/revise the school’s plan for student achievement, and make decisions regarding the allocation of our school site funds. If you have an opinion and interest in helping make policy and program decisions, and monitor our spending plan, with a minimal time commitment, this is the committee for you! Please call/email office staff to indicate your interest in serving on this vital team.


HELP WANTED!  We are eager to increase our supervision in the following areas: Parking Lots, Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zones, Playground, Cafeteria. Paid Noon Supervision positions are available, however, volunteers are needed as well. If you are willing to serve our school community, please contact the office. Special thanks to Sarah Mollwitz and Kathy Schleyer, who have consistently volunteered their time to insure student safety during drop-off and pick-up throughout the year!

Peachjar Flyers

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Mrs. Nancy Klinkner


Office Manager

Mrs. Jill Kimack


Office Secretary

Mrs. Kim Sutton


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