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Attendance Reporting

Please report all absences to the following email address:

When reporting an absence, please list your student's name, teacher, dates of absence(s) and reason.

* If you do not have access to email please call (925) 685-4202 to report your student's absence.

COVID Updates/Protocols:

  • We now have more COVID @Home test kits in stock for students.  If a student needs a test kit please come to the main office to pick one up.  These tests kits are for students only.
  • We will continue to supply N95 masks for students.  Each classroom on campus will have a generous supply that students can access.  Masks will also be available in the office for all students and staff. 
  • If a student test positive for COVID or have been exposed and are going to miss school for more than three days, they are eligible for a "Short-term Independent Study Contract".  Please email the attendance office for more information on how to obtain one.

COVID Emails:
We will be sending out two types of COVID emails to our community.

  • The general email that tells our community each night of how many new cases are reported.
  • The email that is sent to anyone that has a class with a student/staff member who is COVID positive.  Our goal is to send these nightly as well.   

If your student tests positive for COVID:

  • Start the ten-day Quarantine (No School until completed or until a confirmed negative test result after day 5)
  • Students do not need a negative test to return to school after a 10 day quarantine
  • Notify the attendance office of absences  due to COVID Positive

Students who have a household member that is COVID Positive 
Fully Vaccinated Students: If the student is symptom free and is able to separate themselves (bedroom/bathroom/etc.) from the positive case, they are OKAY to come to school as long as they remain symptom free.
(I recommend that students test every couple of days to make sure they are still COVID negative.)

Not Fully Vaccinated Students: Regardless of symptoms, a student who has had close contact will need to quarantine after exposure. If the student can separate themselves, they are no longer considered exposed as of the next day after separation.
If the student cannot separate, they will need to remain in quarantine for the case's 10 day quarantine plus an additional 7 days (if they test 5 days after the exposure) or an additional 10 days if no test was taken. If they test positive, a new quarantine will need to begin.

Missing School due to COVID:  Students who miss school are eligible for short-term independent study (minimum of 3 days; maximum 14 days per school year). Please contact the office to request a contract and arrange to get work for your child to complete at home.

Masks on Campus:  Students and staff are required to wear masks correctly while indoors. Masks are also recommended, but not required, outdoors. 

Returning to School from COVID:
1- Quarantine for ten days.  The first day you test positive is considered Day 0, then you count ten days and then return on the 11th day.
Example - Positive Test on Friday, December 31st (Day 0), Quarantine January 1st - January 10th, Return to School on Tuesday, January 11th.  A Negative Test is not required to return to school.  Students should by symptom free when they return.

2 - Quarantine for five days, have no symptoms, and provide a negative test to return to school.
Example - Positive Test on Friday, December 31st (Day 0), Quarantine January 1st - January 5th, Return to School on Thursday, January 6th.  Being Symptom Free and a Negative Test is required to return to school.  This test can be taken anytime after Day 5.  Students coming back early should be committed to wearing a mask whenever they are on campus.

How to come back after five days of Quarantine:
Email the attendance office at with the following information:

  • Name
  • Grade 
  • Student ID
  • Date of initial Positive Test (Day 0)
  • Picture of yourself holding your clearly visible negative test.