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Daily Attendance

Please notify the Westwood office if your child will be absent. You can email us at (preferred) or call the office at 925-685-4202.

  • Every Minute Matters: Daily attendance is critical to the success of our students.
  • Please have your child ready to be in school from 8 am - 2:35/2:37 pm.
  • Develop Healthy Routines: Go to sleep early, start and end the day with nutritional meals, create a routine.
  • DO NOT make dropping off your child late or picking up your child early a habit. The start and end of school are very important parts of the school day.
  • Make sure your child is healthy and ready to learn every day. If your child is sick, your child should stay at home.
  • Please call 925-685-4202 for attendance and concerns.

Please contact the Westwood Office to report your student's absence:



When reporting an absence, please list your student's name, teacher, dates of absence(s), and reason.

Please notify the school within 72 hours if your student is absent.

Why Attendance Matters

Studies repeatedly show that children with strong attendance records outperform others in learning achievement. That means a stronger likelihood of finishing high school, attending college, and having a productive career. By contrast, children who are frequently absent literally miss out on those opportunities to form the habits they need for learning achievement. Sadly the impact reaches well beyond elementary school, as these students are more likely to drop out of high school and engage in destructive or criminal activities in later years. With the stakes so high for our students, we take attendance very seriously in our District.